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Our Wine

We are fourth generation family stewards of our land in the Horse Heaven Hills of Washington State. At Mercer, we produce wines that demonstrate the distinct terroir with a sense of balance. Through instinctual farming, sustainability practices and artful winemaking, we continue to produce award winning wines year after year. Enjoy Mercer Wines knowing we take the utmost pride in the process from grape to glass.

Mercer Bros

Nearly fifty years ago the Mercer family planted the first wine grapes in the Columbia Valley’s Horse Heaven Hills, on land our great-grandfather settled in 1886. We strive to maintain Willis Mercer’s independent spirit in our wines, grown predominantly from these original vineyards – tended by us, made by us.

Mercer Estates

Mercer Estates is a family-owned winery dedicated to producing distinctive wines through equal passions for grape growing and winemaking. With over 100 years of agricultural history in the Horse Heaven Hills, we employ award winning sustainable farming and winemaking practices to ensure our wines express the true character of our vineyards.

Mercer Family Vineyards

Bringing the best of the Mercer Vineyards to the bottle…the Mercer Family Vineyard wines bring the power of the Horse Heaven Hills fruit to the palate with an elegance and lushness rarely seen.  Each bottle from our estate vineyard is carefully fermented and oak aged to perfection.

Mercer Reserve

Our Barrel Reserve program allows our winemaking team to craft each varietal and blend to its utmost potential. These wines benefit from small batch fermentation, luxurious oak exposure and extended barrel aging.


These small production wines begin in our family’s vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills. Sourced from highly acclaimed vineyards, these powerful yet elegant wines express the true character and terroir of our 100 year agricultural history on the Horse Heaven Hills. 

We release these limited wines to our club members first. Join the club today for these exclusive wines!



Over 20,000 years ago, the Missoula Floods deposited sediment deep into the rich subsoils of the renowned Columbia Basin in Washington State. In each bottle of Subsoil, you discover a truly unique wine experience that showcases the distinct character and bright, ripe fruit from the Horse Heaven Hills.

Eagle & Plow

One sunny September day in 2001, two airplanes departed from a Boston Airport, and America changed. Our Country lost much of its’ innocence, and many Americans lost much more. This wine was crafted with the upmost care and is devoted entirely to charities who assist everyday heroes.


Until now, there were only a few options for wines to fill your cooler on a hot summer day. Lucky for wine lovers around the world, you can now have quality and convenience while being environmentally responsible. ICAN wines (seltzer coming soon) are Mercer Estates crafted and produced sustainably in Washington State. The slim cans are tougher than the average can and are lined to preserve the quality of wine.