“Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around! .”


“Wow...is all I can say. I decided to go natural and did the BIG chop myself...I must say I was scared out of my mind but I did it and I'm very happy about the decision. I NEVER noticed the shop, until I had a BAD braid day. I call several places in the phone book and the one place that called back was Braid Baby...thank you. I have maybe 3 inches of natural hair :)...the cut was horrible but it was now or never for me. Mo is my hero...the braid specialist who did a outstanding job! I was most impressed with the time and out come. Six hours, I couldn't believe it. The braids are not tight, they are small, neat, and ALL the SAME SIZE. I'm really...really impressed with the work she did. Thanks Mo..see you in 30 days for a touch up.”

Nicole H., Gulfport, MS 

“I have very thick hair and these ladies did kinky twist that were small and not too full in 2.5 hrs, I couldn't believe it. I will be back again and again !”


“ got tree braids and iIwill be back every 2 months who ever said black girls cant braid they lied GO GIRLS!”

Jessica Priston 

“Omg!! one word says it Yess!!if u want fast service come here i came in for zillions was done in 3.5hrs fastest ever and they werent big...my new spot thanks you guys!!!!!!.”


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Hair Braiding Tips: What to Do, and Not Do, When Braiding

Just as with any other hairstyle, hair braiding has its secrets. Insider know-how gleaned from the experts is invaluable in improving all styles from African braiding to French plaiting. Here are the all-around best hair braiding tips:

Drink lots of water for healthier, stronger hair for hair braiding.

Before hair braiding, trim your hair so that you won't be putting your split ends on display. Next, start with dry, clean hair. Wet hair results in uneven, bumpy braids and also greatly increases the risk of damaging your hair and eventually losing it. For best results if you are Caucasian, apply gel or mousse while your hair is still damp and blow dry. This will smooth out your hair for the optimum braided look.

Go with the flow, even closing your eyes and letting your fingers work while hair braiding. Watching yourself in a mirror will only ruin your concentration.

Pull the hair consistently, with the same amount of tension, throughout the braiding process so that the braid will be even all over and not twist out of place. The tension should not be too strong; that is, avoid pulling too hard on the braids as you weave them to reduce hair damage and loss.

If you're adding extensions during the hair braiding process, choose a color that matches the ends or the middle of your own hair. Also, if you are using human-hair extensions, opt for a lighter weight. Additionally, if you're getting your entire head braided, be aware of the fact that braiding with extensions can take up to 10 hours. If you're the one doing the braiding, invite a friend along to help you. You'll be glad you did!

To secure the plaits, use coated rubber bands instead of cheaper, office-type rubber bands ? they're easier on your hair. Always keep this golden rule in mind when hair braiding: less stress for the tress.

After hair braiding, get any stray, rebellious hairs back in shape by applying gel with your fingertips.